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Dafiyah Enterprise

As premier providers of global interpreting and translation services, we operate 24/7 call centers. Outsource your customer and technical support for exceptional service. 99.99% uptime guaranteed. Multilingual support offered.


We offer 24/7 on-demand interpreter services, managing pre-scheduled calls in various languages worldwide. Our dedicated schedulers ensure timely assignment and attendance for all calls.


Our dedicated project manager for document translation will oversee your project, ensuring a seamless process from initiation to completion, delivering timely and accurate results.

Call Center/Inbound Support

Our state-of-the-art technology powers a call center with a 99.99% uptime, delivering exceptional quality for your inbound/outbound sales project.


We maintain a vast global network of skilled, certified interpreters. Our rigorous three-tier evaluation, training, and quality assurance system ensures excellence for your interpreting needs.